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“I cannot imagine my life without Toppik. It has restored my lost confidence. I look younger, and I am much more comfortable with myself. I don't feel shy before walking up to a girl anymore.
  Ajay Sharma, New Delhi
“Thank you to the team of Toppik. I wonder how I've been living without Toppik for so many years. You have truly helped me. It seems I have wasted so much time and money on all the other hair loss products. And the best part about Toppik is how simple it is to use. It only takes me about 1-2 minutes.
 Swati Anand, Pune
“The other day I got caught in the rain. I was really afraid that Toppik would come all over my forehead. Surprisingly enough, there was not a drop of Toppik on my forehead, and my hair still looked thick and natural. Later, I even asked my girlfriend whether she could see something unusual in my hair, and she said no.
 Abhishek Chadha, Mumbai
“After my chemotherapy, I was embarrassed to step out of the house. I had lost most of my hair. Then one of my friends told me about your product. I couldn't believe if this could be true. I must say, every bit of what I had heard is true, and even more.
 Mrs. Nagpal, Cancer patient, Chennai
“Cosmetically speaking, Toppik is the most incredible thing I've ever experienced. My friends and family can't believe their own eyes. The incredible change in my appearance has had such a positive effect on my social life. I am so much more confident, relaxed and happy, thank you so much!
 Harish Dua, Bangalore
“I am downright ecstatic that the Toppik Hair Building System does exactly what you said. It was easy to use; the results were instantaneous, and spectacular. 20+ years of gradual thinning were reversed before my eyes. And best of all, no one else's eyes are able to see that my hair had a little help.
 John Russet, Spartanburg, SC
“Toppik has made me feel different about myself after just one application. I'm so glad I have this brilliant product to transform my life.
 Christine Hawley, Santa Barbara, CA
“I recommend Toppik in my medical practice. I find this product safe, easy to use and remarkably natural. I recommend it to hair loss patients in conjunction with both surgical and medical treatments.
  Dow Stough M.D. , Dallas, TX, Hair Transplant Surgeon
“I have a strain of Lupus that caused me to lose an awful lot of my hair. Your products made me look like the same woman I was 10 years ago. I am a new woman with much more confidence thanks to you.
 Susan Frazer Louisville, KY
“I ordered the Toppik System fully expecting it to be another joke product for the vulnerable, balding male. I was amazed at the difference. Everything you say in the ad is true.
 Pat McWhorter, Lansing, MI