• What is Toppik made of?
Toppik fibers are made of pure organic keratin protein, just like all human hair. They are charged with a precise level of electrostatic energy in order to form the maximum magnetic attraction to your thinnest hair. There are no harmful chemicals or additives whatsoever.

  • How do I apply Toppik?
Towel or blow-dry your hair, or allow it to air-dry completely. Toppik should be used only on dry hair. Hold the Toppik container 2-3 inches above the areas to be thickened.

Shake Toppik liberally over desired areas with the bottle opening facing completely downward. Pat your hair to disperse Toppik fibers throughout the area. Use an open, plastic, non-bristle brush or any comb to style your hair as you wish. You will notice that your hair is much easier to style with the added bulk of the Toppik fibers.

  • Does hair grow instantly with Toppik?
No, Toppik fibers intertwine with your existing hair, creating a cross network & giving bulk to it. Toppik does not re-grow you hair, it only gives your hair a thicker, fuller look.

  • Can a bald person use Toppik?
No, Toppik will not work on a fully bald batch as its hair building fibers require some existing hair to bind to it.

  • How long does Toppik stay on?
The secure bond stays put all day (and night) even in rain, wind, you name it - it won't come off until you wash it out. Toppik fibers will never run, smear or stain, and are proven to withstand wind, rain, and even perspiration. Seriously, it really stays put.

  • Does Toppik affect hair growth?
No, Toppik fibers can neither help nor interfere with normal hair growth in any way.

  • How do I use Toppik and Minoxidil at the same time?
Apply Minoxidil (or any topical treatment) first and then apply Toppik. At night, just apply Minoxidil over Toppik. While wearing Toppik - a little may come off on your hand from the alcohol contained in the Minoxidil solution. You can continue taking Finasteride alongside Toppik as well.

  • What if I get Toppik fibers on my clothes or pillow?
The fibers are 100% color fast and cannot possibly run or stain. If fibers do get on any surface, immediately just dust them right off with your hand and they'll disappear.

  • What are the precautions to be followed while using Toppik?
For external use only, in case of any problems consult your physician immediately. Ensure no inhalation and contact with eyes.

  • How do I apply Toppik on my front hair line?
In frontal areas, spread your thumb and forefinger and place your hand on the top of the forehead below the hairline to keep stray fibers from falling onto forehead and eyes.

  • What if Toppik falls on my forehead while applying?
Just wipe your forehead off with your wet hand or a wet tissue.